Depositor Solutions provide professional advice drawn from over twenty years of process application experience and knowledge gained within both the service and sales operations of major food process equipment suppliers.


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Welcome to Depositor Solutions Beldos Mini Fill volumetric filler and decorator

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Depositor Solutions Beldos Mini Fill

Welcome to Depositor Solutions Beldos Mini Fill volumetric filler and decorator

Depositor Solutions offer the range of equipment manufactured in Belgium by Beldos, with over twenty five years of design and application experience within many bakery, ready meal and dessert process factories across the globe.

The equipment from Depositor Solutions, manufactured by Beldos in Belgium, is designed for accuracy and process improvement. Designed with the end user to the fore, simple to use, clean and maintain and all off the shelf from Depositor Solutions own stock, including a large range of application nozzles, fittings to ensure your application is optimised.


Exclusively from Depositor Solutions is the Beldos Mini Fill volumetric filler and injection machine, which are ideal start up, low volume depositors, electric and pneumatic.

Depositor Solutions Beldos Mini Fill volumetric filler and decorator

Compact – small enough to fit into a start ups/small business home kitchen, become an inobtrusive part of an existing manufacture process, the mini fill provides an ideal low volumetric depositing filling solution, whilst occupying minimal process space.

Flexible – versatile for hand filling, injection, timed automatic process filling and optional handgun to ensure that the manufacturing process is enhanced for optimised production and payback. Suitable for liquid, soft, heavy or aerated products.

Easy to Use – Electronic control system with recipe driven options provide the user with complete efficient control of the filling process to maximise the operational return and minimise costly waste of product and time.

Options – the Mini Fill has numerous application options such as twin injection needles, nozzles and internal product parts to ensure efficient filling of high and low viscosity products, or, products with large particulates.

Electric, or, electro-pneumatic base equipment options to suit the users requirements. Electric only negates the initial cost of providing a compressed air supply and is applicable to a large number of product applications with the Mini Fill providing the opportunity for new to volumetric filling processors low cost entry level options.

Low cost of ownership – Hygienically designed with quick and easy changeover between products, or, clean down at the end of a production run, with common seals and minimum parts to handle and replace, on cost of the Mini Fill, is considerably low.

Products – Cake batters, jams and preserves, Creams, Pastes, Sauces, Curds, Mayonnaise, liquids and aerated products.

See the Depositor Solutions Beldos Mini Fill here;

Depositor Solutions have the Mini Fill available to demonstrate and trial with your products within your environment, or, at our test kitchen in Cornwall. Alongside the various options the Mini Fill provides, there is available from Depositor Solutions a comprehensive range of pneumatic and servo depositor solutions for all levels of processor requirement.

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