Depositor Solutions provide professional advice drawn from over twenty years of process application experience and knowledge gained within both the service and sales operations of major food process equipment suppliers.


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Depositor Solutions present the Beldos Beltop UNO volumetric depositor, filler for Mash Potato

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Depositor Solutions Beltop UNO Volumetric Filler

Depositor Solutions present the Beldos Beltop UNO volumetric depositor, filler for Mash Potato

Exclusively from Depositor Solutions

Depositor Solutions offer the Beldos Beltop UNO volumetric depositor, filler and decorator, with industry leading eighteen month warranty supporting the belief that Beldos support their commitment to quality and a valued contribution to your profit.

 Depositor Solutions Beltop UNO volumetric depositor for Mash Potato

  • Compact, benchtop mount design for versatile use in any process environment hygienic design, tool free assembly construction, mean efficient product changeover for minimised production disruption.
  • Multi functional Wide range of nozzles from fixed, non drip, hand held gun to decorating and injection nozzles, there is an option available to ensure each application has 100% accuracy and desired finish
  • Up to 120 deposits per minute
  • Fast, accurate and controllable deposit for efficient portion control and optimised production process targets.
  • Wide deposit range
  • 5ml -275ml and 5ml – 670ml range of deposit provides wide range of single shot weights for continued process application.
  • Up to 25mm cube inclusion
  • Versatile product capacity for bakery, cakes, batters, soups, pastes, gravies, sauces, ready meal mixes, dairy yoghurts, creams, garnishes, preserves, chutneys, jams, marmalades and cake decoration and aerated product finishing,
  • Up to 120 c hot product capability
  • Especially suitable for preserve, chutney production where maintaining product temperature at deposit is critical.
  • Low cost of Ownership
  • On going, operational costs are low, with off the shelf spares and service support allied to low daily operating costs through minimised air consumption.
  • Available to demonstrate, or, Trial Within your process environment for optimum understanding, or, at our test kitchen in Cornwall. This helps to establish complete understanding specification and suitability of the Beldos with your product and what can be achieved successfully prior to any commitment.

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About Depositor Solutions

With over twenty years of process experience, Depositor Solutions can advise on process options to enhance your production achievements further. Applications such as home based artisan producers, to the multi-site, blue chip manufactures, we are able to identify and provide solutions for maximising any return on investment and process targets.
Depositor Solutions offer the range of equipment manufactured in Belgium by Beldos, with over twenty five years of design and application experience within many bakery, ready meal and dessert process factories across the globe. The wide range of depositors, pumps, and finishing tools are manufactured in house to the highest industry standards, with the basic principles of keeping the equipment simple to use and maintain, providing optimum efficiency and an industry leading low cost of on going ownership.

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